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Jessie Perry is yankee transplant living deep in the heart of Texas (clap, clap, clap, clap). She has her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and works primarily with pen, paper and watercolor to produce fun, frilly, colorful illustrations. She likes drawing interesting people from history, both real and fictional, and occasionally from her favorite movies, books, and tv shows.

Witches? Yes. Female knights? Yes. 18th Century Fops? You bet. Cowboys? Yee haw.

She enjoys a silly pirate joke or a good historical costuming reference, and tends to work her eclectic tastes and odd sense of humor into her work. If you like reading a non fiction book or watching a documentary, chances are you'll enjoy her work.

She enjoys reading non-fiction, playing video games, listening to podcasts, visiting small museums, and loves discovering a good historical plaque. 



The Old State House Museum | Bostonian Society   Boston, Massachusetts

  • Witness to a Massacre Program Illustrations Fall, 2010

    • A series of full-body portraits of the witnesses and key figures of the Boston Massacre and subsequent trial.

  • Revolutionary Character Portraits 2011 - 2012, 2013

    • 70+ individual, original portraits of 18th century historic figures in the city of Boston.

  • Boston Massacre Light and Sound Show Screen Summer, 2015

    • screen painting depicting the events of the Boston Massacre.

Selected Exhibitions:

Pancakes and Booze |  The Quixotic World Dallas, TX   October, 2014

ArtsGoggle | Fort Worth, TX  October 2017, 2018

Professional Organizations:

Women Who Draw:  An open directory of female* professional illustrators, artists and cartoonists.